GreenLeaf’s Farm Stand is Back in Action!!

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It has been a busy, busy spring and summer at GreenLeaf — from transitioning to new leadership, to hiring new youth crew members, to planning and planting our farm at the Sustainability Park — and we are excited to let you know that all this hard work is culminating in the kickoff of our 2014 Farm Stand!


Cabbage fresh from the field.

Beginning Saturday, July 26th, we will be selling our fresh-picked, organic, affordable veggies and fruit at the S-Park (25th and Lawrence, Denver 80205) from 10:00am to 12:00pm. The Farm Stand will be open every Saturday through October 4th or until the first hard frost, whichever is earlier. Come visit the farm and get some fresh veg, all while supporting the development of powerful youth leaders fighting for food justice!

To learn more, contact Cody or stop by the farm any Saturday morning.

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GreenLeaf’s new director!

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We are SO excited to announce GreenLeaf’s new Director!

After a great hiring process with many talented candidates, the GreenLeaf youth, staff, and board have unanimously invited Cody Meinhardt to become GreenLeaf’s new Director:

Cody, GreenLeaf's new director!

Cody, GreenLeaf’s new director!

Cody Meinhardt carries a strong commitment to social justice and a deep belief in the healing power of community. He grew up in a small town outside Kansas City, where he had his first agricultural experiences digging in the backyard garden with his mother and father and visiting the cattle on his grandparents’ farm. After studying French and Public Policy at DePaul University in Chicago and spending a year abroad in Paris, Cody moved to Denver to join the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers. Through this program Cody began working at EarthLinks, where he has spent the last three years building community and honing his management skills in service to adults experiencing homelessness and economic poverty. Cody’s professional experiences and personal hobbies have equipped him with a diverse skill set, including natural beekeeping, organic gardening, community engagement, crafting, marketing and design, administrative know-how, and much more. Cody is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree at the University of Colorado Denver, hoping to focus the remainder of his studies on the growth and development of GreenLeaf. In his spare time Cody enjoys reading and writing, listening to a wide range of music, and learning to be a better (and healthier) cook. He is thrilled, humbled, and honored to be the next Executive Director of GreenLeaf.

Leah and Cody will be working side by side through January to make sure that Cody gets trained and supported on all the ins and outs of GreenLeaf.

You can welcome Cody yourself at!

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GreenLeaf 2012 Annual Report

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Click here: GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL to download GreenLeaf’s most recent Annual Report. We’re so proud of our work, we wanted to share some organizational highlights with you! Let us know what you think – and get in touch to get involved!

You can also click through the pages using these icons:


GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_01 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_02 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_03 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_04 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_05 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_06 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_07 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_08 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_09 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_10 GreenLeaf Annual Report 2012 FINAL_Page_11

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Remember this?!

Thank you all so much for your support and help with our Indigogo Campaign and Dance Your Plants Off! ! !
GreenLeaf raised  more than $11,000 to support urban youth farmers in their endeavor to grow 3,000 lbs of food for their communities next year!

And, in case you were wondering, there are 7 languages in that video: English, ASL, Spanish, Italian, Lakota, Russian, and French!

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It’s ON like Chlorophyll on Plants: Dance Your Plants Off is rescheduled, and our 2013 Funding Campaign is LIVE!

April 1, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Great News!

1) Our Dance Your Plants Off event has been rescheduled for:

Saturday, April 27

7:30 pm to Midnight

Green Spaces: 1368 26th Street

There will be live music, a silent auction, local beer and tasty treats! The GreenLeaf youth will be DJ-ing the Dance Party portion of the evening, from 9:30 to Midnight. Suggested donation is $15 at the door or online, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

2) Our 2013 online Fundraising campaign is now LIVE at!

This year’s campaign features our newest video – a music video that the youth wrote and produced, call “Tomato” (toe-mah-toe). It’s worth a watch (or three million) and will definitely make you laugh.

GreenLeaf counts on the support of our community to keep doing what we do. Our goal is to raise at least $15,000 from donations of all sizes. Please give as generously as you can!


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GreenLeaf youth practicing First-Aid and CPR skills!!

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Youth practicing how to splint each other using materials found on the daily in an urban environment.

Youth practicing how to splint each other using materials found on the daily in an urban environment.

photo 2 photo 3

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2013′s: Off To a Strong Start!

January 29, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Since returning from winter break, GreenLeaf youth have been in full swing of preparing for what the summer will bring. Decisions including what seeds need to be purchased, what the youth want to grow, how the CSA should operate and how tracking can be done more efficiently are all being discussed. The EdOps team continues teaching an elective course at a local high school, covering topics including food justice (including the food system), health and nutrition, and agricultural practices. The youth structure class-time as if they were taking part in a typical Saturday session at GreenLeaf — game-playing is obviously a must!
The entire youth crew took part in a CPR/First-Aid 2-part certification course, in which they practiced bandaging, splinting, doing CPR, as well as what head injuries and hypothermia could look like. These medical discussions are especially pertinent as we head into summertime — heat exhaustion is common and after this training, the youth expressed feeling more confident in their ability to help themselves and each other. Knowing to stay on top of hydration, wearing appropriate layers and being aware of the warning signs associated with heat stroke/heat exhaustion will aid each youth and adult in preventing both short-term and long-term medical consequences.

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Shopping for gifts? GreenLeaf 2013 Calendar now available! (Wowza!!)

December 13, 2012 · Leave a Comment

Hello dear friends, volunteers, and supporters of GreenLeaf,

We’re so proud to tell you that 2012, as hoped, has been our best year yet! From a fantastic growing season with twelve fabulous youth farmers to a backpacking adventure (the first camping experience for many of our youth), to donating hundreds of pounds of produce to local hunger relief organizations, our youth crew has done amazing work. And we could not have done it without your help and support. Thank you!

In celebration of our wonderful 2012, and looking forward to the adventures 2013 will bring, we have produced a GreenLeaf 2013 Calendar. It’s lovely – 13 full color images (and a few bonus photos) of GreenLeaf throughout the year. It would make a wonderful gift from you to yourself, or anyone in your life!


It’s a bargain at only $12! That’s only $1 per month, with a bonus month for free!!! And, best of all, proceeds support GreenLeaf!

Top 12 reasons to get a GreenLeaf 2013 Calendar:

1. The photos will make you laugh, cry, and happy every time you look at them

2. You may become inspired to grow your own garden. Or just eat more veggies. Or just laugh at our silly cheeto beards (that’s right)
4. It helps babies sleep through the night*

3. Images of food, farming, and summer fun in the cold of winter will keep you going even without the vitamin D from actual sunlight

5. It includes important holidays you won’t want to forget, such as Talk Like A Pirate Day

6. Calendar is spiral bound to lay flat against your attractively decorated wall

7. It makes bearded men absurdly happy*

8. Calendars can be important tools for helping you remember important concepts like time, and important dates like Pi day

9. Buying calendars for all of your friends and family members and writing your own birthday in them increases your chances of receiving more birthday gifts by 207%*

10. Upon receiving calendars, recipients are likely to experience uncontainable joy bursting forth from their hearts*

11. You know you want one

12. It helps support GreenLeaf!


So now that you want to order one or one hundred, here’s how:

o Email to tell her how many you want and arrange payment

o If you email her by Monday, December 17 at 1pm you can get local Denver pickup/delivery by December 21.

o Non-local calendar orders will be shipped if you ask really nicely and pay for postage, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that they’ll arrive by December 25th (sorry)


* These statements have not been evaluated at all


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Importance of Customer Service

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As some of you know, GreenLeaf opens-up a farm stand every Saturday between April and October for any person to come and claim some delicious, organic vegetables. This farm stand exudes color, as it presents various types of peppers, tomatoes, radishes, squashes, zucchini, tomatillo’s and even pumpkins! Along with the farm stand colors, a customer can expect to be greeted with one or more youth, a smile, and a helping hand. Thus far in GreenLeaf-2-Go, the marketing and distribution team, the youth decided that teaching upcoming crew members what it means to have ‘good customer service’ is essential in creating a positive and helpful aura. It is not enough for customers to approach the farm stand on their own; crew members will be right next to a customer, aiding them in packaging the vegetables, accepting donations, and showing interest in each customers experience at GreenLeaf.

Youth members comprising the GreenLeaf-2-Go team came up with scenarios, simulating what it would be like to have customers approach the food stand and what members of the crew could do in order to make the experience wonderful. They worked together in writing out scripts of both what to do and what not to do as helpful techniques in teaching future members of GreenLeaf. We discussed the importance of customer service and how it can ‘make it or break it’–the youth all showed excitement for creating these scenarios and will be making information posters describing the do’s and don’t’s of customer service. As this lovely 2012 year comes to an end, the GreenLeaf-2-Go team brainstormed what improvements can be made regarding marketing, fundraising, and advertising and are excited to hit the ground running in 2013!

Hooray for GreenLeaf’s farm stand!

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Cover Crops!

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Now that the harvest season has come to an end GreenLeaf has started preparing for the winter! This includes planting cover crops. Cover crops help prevent weeds from growing and work to put nutrients and nitrogen back into the soil. Cover crops also help to protect the soil from the wind and snow in the winter. After doing careful research AgOps decided to plant a few different types of cover crops this season.

The youth decided to plant a mixture of hairy vetch and winter rye in the raised beds at S-Park. Hairy vetch and winter rye work well together as the hairy vetch puts a lot of nitrogen back in the soil and the rye adds organic material to the soil and also helps the hairy vetch grow!

Hairy Vetch

Winter Rye


The youth also decided to plant clover at Mini Eden/Many Eatin as well as in the permaculture bed at S-Park. Clover tends to do well in soil with poor drainage and clover will help to improve the soil quality at both these locations.


In the spring we will till the cover crops back into the soil before they seed (and spread) in order to improve the soil by adding more organic matter and nutrients back into the soil.

The youth also decided to plant a few beds of garlic as it was so successful last year!


More Garlic!

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